God flips everything - Barry Evans

July 28th, 2019

God flips everything - Barry Evans- UKCC Radio on demand -

ukccradio.podbean.com - If I were to ask you to direct me to a living, breathing, healthy church in your town or city, then you might take me to a church with a large congregation and great music. It could also have charismatic teaching and preaching, with all kinds of church meetings running throughout the week. It sounds like an ideal church to me but Revelation 3:1-2 doesn't simply challenge our general perception of how we define a living church. It is also a glimpse into the future, a prophetic message and a chilling warning to every church leader. A warning not to simply get caught up in the latest trends and conventional thinking when it comes to the direction of the church. It is a reminder that it is possible for your church to have an outward reputation of being alive when it is in fact dead.

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